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welcome to the blog world!

Posted: January 14, 2008 in 1

            I was indeed a little consumed for the past week in beautifying this blog. Hell, I am excited! For the past years, I cannot count how many blogsites and webhosts I signed up. It made me excited and zingy at first but the passion to go on with it fades as time passes by. I just really dont have the perseverance and the MUCH needed patience in HTML’s, XML’s, CSS’ and what have you (take note on the emphasis on MUCH. lol). I am truly a greenhorn when it comes to it.  But how can I be experienced if I wont orient myself and get myself used to these stuffs?

           I have been writing since highschool. Some of my poems got published, some were just stuck somewhere partying with dirt and dusts. It has truly been my passion to write besides reading, but it has been put into a very long hiatus and I can’t remember when was the last time I played with the ballpoint and that I don’t why. Just recently, I caught myself  glued into reading blogs, entertaining myself, a little laugh here, a giggle there. I was indeed mused with how these blogs were made into life and how it made me put much admiration and respect not to the blog but to its authors. I have a few blogs that I frequent and my so-called “online entertainment” wouldn’t be complete without dropping by to these blogs:,, and of course my favourite, , which I am a follower for three years now providing me AI updates! 🙂

         And with this newly found hobby, I have to be very keen to the things that I write. After all, these words will be the life and blood of my blog, it is what makes every blog a succes. Of course, who doesn’t want their blogs not a success? I really want this to be noticed the way my favourite blogs got noticed too. My mind is a rollercoaster of ideas right now. I’m a little confused to which of these ideas be written first. Ideas that can’t wait to be put into life in this blog. Topics from A-Z. Hell, I am excited!!!

        I don’t want to think that the first input I made on this blog is a fiasco. It is indeed a good start but I should have thought of writing this entry first instead since this is more appropriate in my blog’s “official” opening.LOL Well, it’s a learning process, isn’t it? To err is human, as what the adage says. Mistakes indeed will help nurture me to be a good blogger.

So, welcome to my blog and plus de pouvoir to me!!