“friendships – friendshits…WORKSHIFTS – WORKSHITS”

Posted: January 9, 2008 in C4


It has been two months…. Two months of mentally and physically enervating ourselves just to fulfill their “needed” workforce to surpass the holiday queues. It surely seem this account has a propensity to really make people evaporate that simple.

“We’ve been used!”, “paita sa?! ataya..!”– there’s a lot of laments, qualms, complaints that were left unaddressed.  Everybody’s glued to their work seats partly anticipating the final countdown. For me the events that took place on this building, on this very floor, was just nothing but a shit! – a crappy and mean way of using people. 

I simply consider it professionally violating.  Violating for we all scratched our asses out to get IN to this respective company. It is indeed not of our choice to be deployed in an account who is not serious in keeping people but rather more accustomed to EXPEL them!

I speak not for myself but for my mates, the C4 who, same as me, felt the same angst. Who, with so much chagrin was also confused and alarmed of how the account’s system in keeping people is like. Who, were already comfortable with their newly found friends. The relationship amongst the C4 members is indeed one thing that is irreplaceable!


Such fun in every camaraderie we had is incomparable. The relationship that blossomed among us has been fortified and it will truly be sad to know that it will be stained by what will happen on the final countdown.

Friendships formed is something that we, the C4, will forever put into effort and sustain. Making friends is easy enough, but maintaining meaningful ones isn’t. Agree????

 — CHE2,JOVIC, SHEENA,SHEENY,JAREL,ABBY,REX,JEFF,JM and others who were unnamed, who first tasted the bitterness of what I call “professional violation”..Well these names are indeed synonymous to what we call friendships,you guys agree? 🙂

What we have to do is move on and led off. There is so much more than letting ourselves be incarcerated into our fiery sentiments against how we were violated professionally. Let it not spoil us but rather let it be a catalyst for us to be better on whatever career awaits us beyond…….. …. … … .. .





  1. rex says:

    char!! ma touch jd ko!!huhuh sniff*

  2. sheena:"> says:

    i second the motion!!!

  3. _Sherryl21_ says:

    why does the pic have to be a reminder of the most embarrassing moment of my life?

  4. jipoy says:

    i like it man..
    ur the man derick..
    lets not break the bond..
    il die for all of you guys..
    and im not kiddin..

  5. derickpt says:

    eyeah..its true isnt it?.. 🙂
    stick together…

  6. abby says:

    hardcore! hehe. honestly, i hope they let us go sooner so that we can move on and get on with our lives. hahay. i hope we will still stay in touch guys…

  7. _Sherryl21_ says:

    i agree ab…it’s not easy waiting for nothing…

  8. derickpt says:

    hope you guys will visit thsi often..even we dont get to see each other na..huhu 😦

  9. sheena:"> says:

    aw cge memorize nako ang link…:)

  10. _Sherryl21_ says:

    alrytie…not a problem.

  11. derickpt says:

    hahay.. its the FINAL COUNTDOWN…!!

  12. sheena:"> says:

    aha na mo oi???!!! do you guys still breathe???

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